A Speed Exchange is where you choose your replacement merchandise and we charge your original payment type for the replacement merchandise right away. We then ship the replacement merchandise to you at no cost for shipping. In the meantime, you send us your original merchandise and we will credit your original form of payment once we receive the merchandise.

    If you wish to exchange merchandise that you have received from us within sixty (60) days from the date of your original order, you can use our Speed Exchange to process an immediate exchange. To complete a Speed Exchange click here.


    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it to us for an exchange or refund, subject to the following terms.


    For a full refund, return your merchandise to your local abercrombie store in the US, or send your merchandise back to us at:

    abercrombie kids Returns Department
    200 Abercrombie Way
    New Albany, OH 43054 USA

    • We refund any merchandise in resalable condition with a copy of your original invoice to the original payment method if mailed to the address listed above.
    • If your order was purchased using PayPal and returned to a store with your original invoice, a Merchandise Credit will be issued.
    • If you are shipping within the continental US, you can use the SmartLabel™ that was included at the bottom of your invoice. There is a $7.00 charge to use this service. This will be deducted from your refund.
    • If you choose to use your own carrier you will be responsible for return shipping costs.
    • Orders placed on this site cannot be returned or exchanged at stores outside the US.

    We exchange any merchandise in resalable condition with a copy of your original invoice. You have three options to exchange your merchandise:

    • Perform an online Speed Exchange
    • List the items you want to exchange on your invoice and send the items back to:
    • abercrombie kids Returns Department
      200 Abercrombie Way
      New Albany, OH 43054 USA
    • Exchange the items at your local abercrombie store in the US.

    You are responsible for return shipping costs. Do not send any additional payment, such as a check, to cover a price difference for an exchange. Your original payment method will be charged or credited when the exchange is processed. Any additional method of payment will not be processed and will be returned to you by mail.


    If you are not satisfied with your purchase and the merchandise is in its original condition, you may return it in many of our abercrombie kids stores worldwide, subject to the terms of the return policy at the location processing the return. US returns are subject to the terms below.

    Within 60 days of purchase, if you have the original sales receipt, abercrombie kids will refund the value of the merchandise based on the original form and amount of payment.

    An abercrombie kids merchandise credit will be issued for any returns of previously exchanged merchandise, returns of purchases made with a gift card, returns made with the original sales receipt past 60 days from purchase or returns made with a gift receipt.

    Returns without the original sales receipt or a gift receipt and returns of merchandise purchased in another country will receive a merchandise credit in the local currency for the lowest price at which the merchandise has ever sold.

    If the price of the merchandise you purchased is subsequently reduced and you present the merchandise in its original condition with the sales receipt within 14 days of the date of your purchase, we will refund the difference between the price you paid and the reduced price. Only one price adjustment per item of merchandise is permitted.

    If your check is returned unpaid due to insufficient funds, we may electronically debit your bank account for the check amount and service fees allowed by your locality.

    abercrombie kids requires a driver’s license or other identification (e.g., school identification) for any merchandise return without a sales receipt. We use an electronic system to access and record information from your identification to monitor and limit the number of unreceipted returns. We maintain the right to refuse returns from customers who exceed a specified number of unreceipted returns. If you do not allow us to use your driver’s license or other acceptable identification for return purposes, we may refuse your return. We reserve the right to refuse any returns.

    Purchases made at an abercrombie kids outlet location may only be returned in an outlet location. We cannot return merchandise that is mailed to our stores. All sales of Gift Cards are final and will not be refunded. Gift Cards and Merchandise Credits cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law.

    Returns of merchandise purchased during promotional offer periods will be credited to the purchaser according to the terms and conditions of the promotional offer period in effect at the time of purchase. If part or all of the qualifying purchase from a promotional offer period is returned and results in the original transaction falling below the qualifying purchase threshold, the return amount or, if applicable, any promotional card, coupon or other promotional device balance, will be reduced to reflect the terms of the promotional offer you would have qualified for in the original transaction without the value of the merchandise returned. If complimentary merchandise received as part of a qualifying purchase is not included in a return that results in the original transaction falling below the qualifying purchase threshold, and the return transaction is insufficient to cover the value of the complimentary merchandise, you will only be eligible to receive a merchandise credit for the value of the return.



    If you believe that your merchandise is faulty, damaged, or does not correspond to its description on our website, email us at abercrombiekids@abercrombie.com, or call us at 866.777.1892 Or +1 614 219 3026.


    If you are not satisfied with the quality of your merchandise, please return it to your closest store. If you still have your receipt, we can credit you back to your original form of payment. Without a receipt, we will provide you with the last known value as a merchandise credit.


    Upon receipt of your return, allow up to two weeks for the credit to appear on your payment card statement.



    Click here to track your SmartLabel™ Return.


    Click here and complete the requested information to print your replacement SmartLabel™. The new SmartLabel™ will work just like the original.


    A charge of $7.00 will be deducted from your return credit.


    SmartLabel™ returns take 7-10 days to reach our distribution center. Upon receipt, allow up to two weeks for the payment to appear on your payment card statement.